About The People



“Building Community” how one can empower their community

“Hip Hop: The Voice of Oppressed and Depressed”

“Wake Up!” a talk to help troubled teens

“From Public to Private: My Educational Journey”

“My Journey to God”

“Three Points for the Future” a talk for middle school students

“10 Points of Leadership” a talk for college student leaders

“The Fight Goes On” a talk for young people about still fighting the odds

“The Price of Being a Radical”

“Creating a Program”

“Poverty: Bigger Than the Block”

“War Aboard; Suffering at Home”

“A Country of Immigrants”

“All It Takes” a talk about racial profiling

“The Importance of Voting”

“God's Call to be About the People” a sermon


“Managing Time”

“Know Them; Serve Them” for those serving the urban impoverished population

From Being in Poverty to Fighting It”

How to Get into College Without Being Rich”

Preparing for Life After College”

Dealing with Life in College” a series

Bible Studies

“Dealing with Reality” three part series for the youth

“Using Gifts and Suffering for Christ” for the youth

God Erased from History: the Power of Faith” for the youth

God's Call to be About the People” two different ones for the youth and adults

Our Worries vs. God's Will For Us”

Where Do You Fall?”


Homophobia in Hip Hop”

“Is Hip Hop Harmful to Minors?”

“Degrading and Sexual Lyrics/Images”

“The N-Word”

Can a Party/Gangster Rapper Be a Conscious Rapper?”

Danny Tejada

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