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Though our ministry has fluctuated in size over the past year for different reasons, Danny has remained committed to his position through thick and through thin. I personally have had the pleasure of watching Danny who first entered in somewhat lost, struggling with his past, present, and future, evolve over the past few years. I have witnessed his struggles to stay in obedience to the faith, overcome his past, and fight fiercely to grow in the Lord and fulfill God’s purpose for his future. Through dedication, perseverance, honored commitments, faith, prayers, diligence, discipline, and sheer will, Danny has not only obtained, maintained, and deepened his relationship with the Lord, but he has also begun to discover his purpose and Calling, striving with the same intensity to fulfill it. I have watched him go from being shaky and very nervous to being bold and very confident when speaking before our group and our church family. He is no longer hindered by his past, but recognizes that he has a great testimony because of it. He is no longer concerned about the world and its views, but instead, how he with guidance from the Holy Spirit can make a profound and Godly impact on the world.

When leading the Bible Studies at our meetings, Danny uses his active imagination to provide us with a visual interpretation of the scriptures. This allows us to paint a clearer picture in our minds eye, and further deepen our understanding of what The Lord would like to reveal to us at that given point in time. Along with his unique visual aspects of the Word, Danny is also very good at providing outer biblical materials (music, public speeches, newspaper articles, etc.) by various leaders, overs and shakers of this world from the past and present to provide examples of the Bible at work in the world in which we live. This also provides a live visual effect and understanding of God’s Word, and how we can utilize it in our lives daily. Danny has developed and is still developing beautifully in his understanding and conveying God’s word. One thing is clear, and always has been, this young man is gifted by God, and is destined for greatness! We are truly blessed to have him on our team, as a co-chair to our youth ministry, and as a brother in the faith!

-Alvenia Hutton,
Co-Chair of Youth Experience Salvation

Starting in the fall of 2011, Danny Tejada taught a nine month course in the Pace University Upward Bound program. His class, titled 'Agent of Change,' was designed to inspire and motivate high school students to become involved in social and political activism. As a former Upward Bound student himself, his passion, drive, and dedication was demonstrated through his elaborate lesson plans and his strong rapport with the students. He was able to create a positive classroom environment that was both engaging and informative. In addition to teaching his 'Agent of Change' course, Danny also took the time to provide group presentations on a range of topics, including political action, social issues, and current events. He is a big advocate of self-determination, and encourages young adults to reflect on their own actions and make positive changes for the future. Danny's patience and perseverance is unwavering. He is a dynamic role model for the young people of today.”

-Jennifer Efferen, Upward Bound Program Director at Pace University

During the 2011 spring semester at Skidmore College, Danny Tejada paid a visit to speak about Hip-Hop. Using multiple videos such as, 'All Along' by Kid Cudi and 'The Message' by Grandmaster Flash, as a part of his lecture, he discussed various topics in the Hip-Hop genre. He explained how Hip-Hop is the voice of the voiceless and how the music got him through the tough times in his life. People often relate negativity with Hip-Hop, but Danny was able to eloquently prove why Hip-Hop is important, especially to the youth. With his broad knowledge of Hip-Hop, Danny was able to shed some positive light on and help answer some controversial topics often associated with the genre.”

D'Juan Gilmore, Former President of Hip Hop Alliance


Danny Tejada

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