About The People

My Mission Is To

-Fight for Free Speech
-Fight for Investment in Poor Neighborhoods
-Fight to Reform the Federal Reserve
-Fight for Full Day Kindergarten and Mandatory Pre-K
-Fight for Gun Control Laws
-Fight Against Voter Suppression
-Fight Against the Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling

To join me in the fight, send an email expressing your concerns to your House Representative and Senators.

My Current Work

Site Coordinator at Pace University's Liberty Partnerships Program

I help develop the whole student at a high school by providing college prep, academic help, social skills building, career readiness and cultural enrichment. I run a Young Men's Group. This past summer, I taught three classes: "College Prep 1" (college admissions definitions), "Superheroes in Media" and "The Philosophy of Rap" in the combined Summer Program with Upward Bound.

My Past Work

I organized meetings, trips, fundraisers and community service events with young people of high school age to college age for the purpose of strengthening, empowering and inspiring each other as well as other young people. I conducted Bible Study related to their issues. In addition to the Bible, I used other materials such as Rap music and Martin Luther King's Strength to Love. I took photos at events and ran the Facebook page by uploading photos, announcing meetings and events. I did outreach on and offline to bring in more members. I also met with the other Co-Chair and the church's leadership to discuss the matters of the group,

Teacher at Pace University's Upward Bound Program

I created two activism classes called “Agent of Change” for high school students. I lecture and hold discussions on how to organize and various issues such as poverty, war and immigration. I help the students with writing to public officials, using social media to discuss issues and speaking. I show videos and assign various readings from the media and books such as Saul Alinsky's Reveille for Radicals.

Facilitated Enroller/Data Entry at Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council

I helped about 20 people apply and renew for public health insurance every week. I filled out applications, checked documents and sent applications. I conducted follow-ups as needed. I did outreach at events to get people to apply and renew. I attended state trainings. I trained new Facilitated Enrollers. I inputted application data to track results. I also trained and assigned tasks to Summer Youth employeees.

Mentor at iMentor


I built a brother-like relationship with a high risk African-American boy who was in high school. We exchanged e-mails once a week talking about high school, college, admissions, financial aid, our upbringings and more. We met in person once a month at events to expand on our conversations and work on his college essay. He got into Long Island University's Higher Education Opportunity Program. Together, we put out a book called Different Families, Still Brothers to promote mentoring and aid young people in Paperback and as an E-Book.


This Hip Hop Culture Club brings people of all different backgrounds together to discuss and learn about the culture and its many issues with racism, sexism and homophobia. I started this club, which was awarded Club of the Year in 2009, because I felt that an education outside of the classroom was missing at Skidmore College. I organized, hosted and led various events including lectures, concerts and discussions. To move the club’s work into the classroom, I advocated for a Hip Hop Culture course and had professors encourage their students to attend events. I led meetings with and e-mailed Executive Board and general members to get them involved in and informed about the club’s activities. I assigned jobs to various members and managed the club’s operations. To ensure things ran smoothly after I left, I worked on next year’s budget with the Treasurer and mentored the new Executive Board.

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